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Training Strategy

Three key stages:
  • Knowledge
  • Practice
  • Proficiency
Knowledge is obtained through online training taken on-demand, anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-connected device. These eLearning courses provide 3D graphical learning on components, instrumentation, flow paths, and maintenance processes. They provide unlimited access per user based on an annual subscription model.

Practice is obtained through hands-on classroom and laboratory sessions where students Learn By Doing. Training aids and mockups are used in a controlled environment to give students the opportunity to put their Knowledge into Practice. Differences between GE's standard locomotive families and the customer's fleet are highlighted.

Proficiency is obtained through formal On-the-Job Training (OJT) Qualification Cards. Students practice and are evaluated at customer locations by customer experts. This provides a one-on-one interaction to ensure tasks are performed exactly as required. Real-world functioning components are used to showcase abilities in performing maintenance procedures, assembly and disassembly, proper tooling and torqueing, and proper handling and safety.

Online Training - Knowledge

New online training courses are always in development. Please check back regularly to see the latest available courses.

Courses are offered for the following diesel engine families:
  • V228
  • V250/L250 (GE 250 Series)
  • V250MDC Tier 4

Classroom Training - Practice

Certain open-enrollment courses are offered throughout each year. Please check the calendar for the latest details.