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Course Overview

Evolution Series Locomotives: ES44AC Operator's Familiarization

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for ES44AC Operator's Familiarization.

Course Description

Duration: 3 days

Class Size: 20

This course provides familiarization of the ES44AC locomotive prior to boarding and operating it. This includes learning the location and function of equipment and controls on the locomotive as well as safeguards, lockouts, and alarms. Students will also learn basic safety information for their protection. An understanding of the operating and maintenance displays will be provided including the use of the displays to properly set up and operate the locomotive. Detailed information will be imparted on such operations as inspecting and checking the locomotive prior to boarding and starting the diesel engine, starting the diesel engine, setting up the locomotive for lead/trail operation, moving and stopping the locomotive, and properly shutting down and vacating the vehicle. All classroom training will be supplemented with, and reinforced by, practical, hands-on training when the availability of a locomotive and class size permits.