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Course Overview

Classroom Training: M&S V228 - Diesel Engine - Hands-On

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for M&S V228 - Diesel Engine - Hands-On.

Course Description

This Hands-On Marine & Stationary V228 class builds on the fundamental knowledge mechanical personnel will have gained from previously completing the online pre-requisite courses. Then with a thorough understanding of the basic systems, instructors will focus the student on the higher value hands-on procedures.

Modules of study include:

  • V228 Checks and Adjustments
  • V228 Power Assembly SMI-90025E
  • V228 Camshaft
  • V228 High Pressure Fuel System – Bosch II
  • V228 Turbocharger and Intercooler
  • V228 Main Bearings
  • V228 Pump Drive Gear Assembly